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Senior Graduation Requirements


The trimester schedule will allow you to take six classes each day and earn up to 18 credits each year. It will provide you with opportunities to earn more rigorous college credits and pursue elective classes that you may be interested in exploring as a career choice after high school. 


Required Courses

English 12 or AP English Language

Composition or AP English Literature Composition

Math (2 credits)

American Government or AP American Government

Economics, Marketing Economics, Microeconomics or Macroeconomics

Recommended Courses

Math (2) Credits


Graduation Requirements
English 10 Credits

7 Credits

Science 6 Credits
World History 2 Credits
US History 4 Credits
US Government 2 Credits
Economics 1 Credit
Health 1 Credit
Speech 1 Credit
Humanities 2 Credits
Computer Literacy 1 Credit
Physical Education 2 Credits
Electives 20 Credits
Senior Project 1 Credit
Total: 60 Credits


Class of 2020

  • Decide whether you need to take or re-take the ACT or SAT.
  • Check due dates for scholarship applications.
  • Attend career/college fair with your parents or guardian.
  • Pick up a Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) and assist your student in completing it.

Make sure you know each college/university/technical school's application deadline for admission, financial aid, and scholarships.

The Idaho State Board of Education requires that two (2) credits of the required six (6) credits of mathematics be taken in the last year of high school.

*Senior Project class is a requirement for graduation. 

Graduation Requirements