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Junior 4-Year Plan Worksheet

Juniors - Class of 2021

Four-Year Planning Worksheet


This worksheet helps parents and students better understand graduation requirements and the best time to take required courses.  The counselors will work with your students on their four-year planning but we also encourage parents to be involved in this process. 


11th Grade

English English               
*Math *Math  
U.S. History U.S. History  

12th Grade

English             English          Economics
Math Math Senior Project
U.S. Government U.S. Government  


The following are graduation requirements that can be taken any time during 9th thru 12th grade:

Communications or Debate (1) credit
Health (1) credit
Physical Education (2) credits
Humanities (2) credits
Electives (20) credits

*Math in the 11th grade is highly recommended, but not required (check college Math requirement)

Graduation Requirements